A Message from the CEO

Uju Ifejika – CEO Brittania-U

We are a fully integrated oil and gas exploration and production company.

Our focus areas cut across crude exploration and production, drilling, petroleum engineering and geological and data consulting. We are also involved in importation of refined petroleum products as well as shipping and vessel operation. We are equally involved in subsurface engineering activities through our affiliate – Data Appraisal Company Ltd.  which serves the group and other clients in the industry.

Currently, the global petroleum energy terrain is rapidly evolving, hence there is the need for companies like ours to adapt continuously, remaining dynamic in order to be able to service the changing needs of the market through innovation, leading edge operations and sustainable initiatives. This is how we have remained in business.

Brittania-U operates under the firm belief that business practices should be efficient based on strong ethical standards, operational excellence, respect for the environment and safety as the pillar of our operations.

We focus extensively on local content and development of local expertise; we are deliberate about this.

In order to meet the challenges of the future, we are constantly improving our standard of operations and expanding our asset base by seeking new opportunities for diversifying our portfolio and increasing stakeholder value.

Over the years, we have achieved remarkable and noteworthy successes and as a testament to our commitment to operational excellence; we have received local and international recognitions and accolades from numerous compliance authorities and trade organisations.

These successes would not have been possible without the committed efforts and contribution of our employees and partners - our teams are our greatest assets.

At Brittania-U, we believe that our operations should benefit our host communities and it’s people effectively. To this end, we are relentless in the pursuit of our social programmes and initiatives with focus on education, vocational and formal trainings both locally and abroad with scholarships, and providing gainful employment. We value our people and the communities we operate in.

We aim to always be honest, ethical, patriotic and given to best practice.

We believe in the future.

This is Brittania-U.

Catherine Uju Ifejika | CEO