People and Values

Our people are talented in a wide range of disciplines, our values guide us in the work we do every day. Our performance depends on a highly-skilled and motivated people, which is a reflection of our operating society.

Brittania-U People

Our Values

At Brittania-U, our five corporate values of Safety, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Ingenuity express our understanding of what we believe, how we behave and our objectives as an organization. They also guide our business conduct, enable us build healthy, long-term relationships with our stakeholders, and reinforce all of our operations, helping the company maintain our position as one of the most respected companies in the country.


Safety is a core value and an integral part of Brittania-U. We are committed to protecting our workforce by providing a safe working environment for all, with the appropriate safety procedures and policies put in place onsite and within the community. We also place a high priority on the protection of our assets and the environment.


Respect is fundamental to the Brittania culture, we believe that respect begins with compliance with laws and regulations. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and we care about the effects of our decisions have on those around us. We trust, respect and support each other, and we strive to earn the trust of our colleagues and partners. We value the diversity of people.

Brittania-U Staff having fun at work


At Brittania, excellence translates into all aspects of our business. We drive excellence by setting challenging goals, rewarding top performance, committing ourselves to developing our people, and fostering teamwork as well as open communication.¬†We¬†follow and uphold the rules and standards we set for our company, and we¬†are passionate about achieving results that exceed expectations ‚Äď our own and those of others.


We encourage innovation, creativity as well as diversity of thought, and we continually  seek new prospects and out-of-the-ordinary solutions. Responsiveness, Flexibilty, and Novelty are important to us. Our experience, technology, and perseverance enable us to overcome challenges and deliver value.


The integrity of business at Brittania is one of our precious assets, it is our reputation. We act with openness, fairness, transparency, honesty, reliability, high ethical standards, professionalism, accountability, corporate thinking and ensure alignment to achieve our overall goals as a total rather than a segment. Our employees place authority where responsibility lies, deliver on commitments and seek and provide constructive feedback.

Brittania-U Staff discussing strategies at work