Our Employees

Our People are the most valuable asset at Brittania-U

The challenges we face require us to innovate and adapt. To do this, we invest in our most precious resource ‚ÄĒ our employees. We aim to¬†continuously¬†develop the talents of our workforce - with a focus on maintaining safe and reliable operations while¬†engaging¬†productive and¬†sustainable work environments.


We aim to provide the best possible working and living conditions, alongside legitimate rights and privileges, career development, employee care and long-term employee benefits.

At Brittania ‚ÄďU, we adhere to the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunity in the recruitment process and throughout our employees‚Äô careers. These principles translate into ensuring workplace gender equality, hiring people with disabilities and supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We also ensure that all employees receive competitive remuneration,¬†fair compensation, benefits and savings plan packages tailored to the local marketplace.

Brittania-U Staff at work