Exploration & Production

Our Exploration & Production’s segment is responsible for renewing our resource base through access, exploration, and appraisal; and encompasses all the steps involved in finding, producing, processing oil and natural gas.

Our teams in this segment continuously strive to renew and develop our portfolio of oil and gas assets in often-complex environments to meet the Nigeria’s growing energy demand.
While we conduct activities against a backdrop of growing energy and environmental challenges, we continue to actively manage our portfolio to play to our strengths, divesting non-core assets and finding alternative ways to create long-term value. We combine our substantial knowledge and insight to develop some of the most advanced technology in the country to assist us in finding additional petroleum reserves as well as maximize the recovery of these resources for the benefit of this generation and the generations to come. Technologies such as seismic imaging, enhanced oil recovery, and real-time data support our upstream strategy by helping us gain new access, increase recovery and reserves and improve production efficiency.
Our production facility is a 10,000bbls per day with an expansion capacity of up to 20,000bbls per day. A wise stewardship of our petroleum resources is our number one priority. We continually seek new ways to find and produce these resources more efficiently, from improving our understanding of subsurface dynamics to deploying cutting-edge well completions.