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A Texan In Nigeria: What Brought Our MD To Brittania-U

September 17, 2014

A Texan In Nigeria: What Brought Our MD To Brittania-U

Dan de la Garza is a straight shooter – a big personality from a big state in big oil. You always know where you stand with him and what he thinks, but his managers find him to be a good listener who is always receptive to good ideas.

How did he and Brittania U find each other?

“I worked for an organization in Houston Texas that provided support services to Brittania U and acme to work very closely with the Chairman/CEO. I think she was impressed by what we did, and therefore asked me to help her take Brittania U to the next level and beyond.”

Mr de la Garza thinks it’s a special company, and that outweighed whatever challenges the Nigeria market posed.

“What motivated me to come to Nigeria is the personality of the Chairman/CEO of Brittania U and the fact that I saw something in the company that I have not seen in many companies. The phenomenal progress made by the company over the last five years motivated me to join, as I am one person who likes challenges.”

He thinks Brittania U has a huge future, in Nigeria and way beyond.

“My projection for the future is to see the company become the largest or second largest non-IOC (International Oil Company) in West Africa within the next five years.”